• Optimizers for immunoassays enable better reliability and reproducibility by reducing coefficients of variations and by avoiding interference effects like HAMAs and cross-reactivities. 
  • Blockers enable saturation of free binding capacities on protein binding surfaces for reliable assays. Check out BIOAXXESS' Selection Guide for CANDOR's Blocker product range (with new PlateBlock).
  • Stabilizers Stabilizers for immunoassays allow long-term storage of antibodies, conjugates (like HRP-labeled) and antigens in solutions as well as coated onto surfaces like ELISA plates or others. During storage the good quality of the assay components can be conserved.
  • Buffer Solutions enable easy and fast working with immunoassays. All of these ready-to-use or 10x solutions are manufactured in our own facility according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. Therefore all products can be used directly in regulated areas like GLP laboratories (good laboratory practice) or for diagnostics kit production.
  • Buffers for ELISA, EIA, RIA, protein arrays, Western blotting and immuno-PCR (or immuno-histochemistry). CANDOR's state-of-the-art assay buffer and surface blocker minimize high background, assay-interferences and cross-reactivities are available in packages.
  • The Professional Developer Packages are suitable for all your ELISA buffer requirements, including the state-of-the-art assay buffers, surface blockers, standard and antibody-conjugate stabilizers in solution or when coated to a surface.
  • ReadyTector® is the All-in-One Solution for Western blotting. All-in-One means the entire process takes place in a single work step in a single solution.
  • These special offers apply to products with short shelf-lives and are valid as long as stocks last.

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Featured products

  • New: AP-Protector® Cat. No. #235

    New: AP-Protector® Cat. No. #235

    £86.87 (inc. VAT)
    Ready-to-use; Dilution buffer for long-term storage of alkaline phosphatase (AP) conjugates. AP-Protector® is for AP-conjugates coupled to antibodies or Neutravidin/Streptavidin. For research use only, not for diagnostic use.
  • The Blocking Solution Cat. No. #110

    The Blocking Solution Cat. No. #110

    £131.28 (inc. VAT)
    Ready-to-use; Casein based blocker. The most effective Blocker from CANDOR contains standardised and stabilised casein fragments as active blockers. Saturates free binding sites on plastic surfaces, membranes or other protein binding surfaces and thereby reducing high background in immunoassays.
  • LowCross-Buffer® Cat. No. #100, #101, #102

    LowCross-Buffer® Cat. No. #100, #101, #102

    £168.85 (inc. VAT)
    Ready-to-use; Sample and antibody dilution buffer for minimizing interference. LowCross-Buffer® minimises non-specific antibody binding, interfering substances and weak to medium strong cross-reactivities of antibodies.
  • The All-in-One Solution for Western Blotting: ReadyTector® Anti-Rabbit-HRP Cat. No. #730

    The All-in-One Solution for Western Blotting: ReadyTector® Anti-Rabbit-HRP Cat. No. #730

    From: £76.26
    £91.51 (inc. VAT)
    All-in-one detection solution for Western blotting. The kit includes the ReadyTector® solution with Anti-Rabbit-HRP labeled secondary antibody and 10x Wash Buffer. It is easy – simple to use: just add to the NC or PVDF Western blot membrane with the SDS-PAGE separated protein mixture quick – exceptionally fast procedure: < 2 hours from Blot to ECL signal and most importantly: clear – no background.
  • New: PlateBlock™ Cat. No. #112

    New: PlateBlock™ Cat. No. #112

    From: £43.12
    £51.74 (inc. VAT)
    Ready-to-use; animal-free and protein-free surface blocker. PlateBlock™ is for plastic surfaces (e.g. microtiter plates) and optimized for use with serological assays with surface-coated antigen.
  • New: Liquid Plate Sealer® ANIMAL-FREE Cat. No. #163

    New: Liquid Plate Sealer® ANIMAL-FREE Cat. No. #163

    £72.60 (inc. VAT)
    Ready-to-use; Animal-free coating stabilizer for ELISA plates. Liquid Plate Sealer® ANIMAL-FREE offers the same excellent stabilizing characteristics as Liquid Plate Sealer® but without having animal derived ingredients.This makes Liquid Plate Sealer® animal-free suitable coating stabilizer for veterinary diagnostics.
  • Assay Defender® Cat. No. #180

    Assay Defender® Cat. No. #180

    £178.38 (inc. VAT)
    Ready-to-use; Total HAMA and interference blocker. Assay Defender® is a ready-to use assay diluent for reduction of interference caused by HAMA (human anti-mouse antibodies), rheumatoid factors, nonspecific binding, cross-reactivities and matrix effects.

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Improve Performance and Stability of your Immunoassays (ELISA, bio-chip, POCT)

Based upon more than 20 years of experience CANDOR Bioscience has developed top of the range buffer products for immunoassay optimization including the unique anti-interference assay buffer LowCross-Buffer®  to neutralize HAMA, Rf and matrix effects and for maximal shelf-life of antibody or protein coated ELISA plates: Liquid Plate Sealer® as the stabilizer flagship product.

All of CANDOR's high quality buffer solutions are manufactured under IN EN ISO 9001:2015 in their state-of-the-art production and R&D facility based in Bavaria, Germany to let you achieve superior reliability and performance of immunoassays such as ELISA, lateral flow assays, immunohistochemistry and protein chips.

CANDOR buffer systems are successfully used in research, pharmaceutical development and routine diagnostic tests worldwide and are available in package sizes ranging from 50 ml to 1,000 L. 

BIOAXXESS® provides bespoke technical advice for the CANDOR Bioscience Buffer Solutions and represents CANDOR as their UK contact and distributor to help you find the best solution for your immuno-assay development and/or optimization projects.


  Consult the CANDOR Bioscience Product Application Guide

  • Enhance Sensitivity and improve Specificity with The Blocking Solution
  • Extend Shelf-life for antibodies, proteins, surface-bound or in solution with Liquid Plate Sealer® 
  • Improve CV and Reliability by neutralizing cross-reactivities, matrix effects and non-specific binding with LowCross-Buffer®