Assay Defender® Cat. No. #180

Assay Defender® is a ready-to use assay diluent for reduction of interference caused by HAMA (human anti-mouse antibodies), rheumatoid factors, nonspecific binding, cross-reactivities and matrix effects.

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Total HAMA and Interference Blocker

Ready-to use assay diluent for reduction of interference caused by HAMA (human anti-mouse antibodies), rheumatoid factors, nonspecific bindingcross-reactivities and matrix effects. Assay Defender® is particularly suitable for human or animal specimens containing HAMA (human anti-mouse antibodies), AAA (anti-animal antibodies) or other high affinity antibodies.

Assay Defender® can be used for different applications such as ELISA, lateral flow assays or bead-based assays. Examples are shown here.

For research use only, not for diagnostic use.

Reasons for interference

Interference in immunoassays can cause false positive and false negative results in routine testing.

Reasons for the increasing prevalence of different kinds of interference are for example:

  • ageing population
  • increasing number of patients with:
    • chronic autoimmune diseases
    • allergic and inflammatory diseases
  • an improved limit of detection in modern assays
  • more applications of sandwich-assay formats

Interferences can be classified due to their biochemical reasons and impact on assay performance.

  1. Interference caused by antibodies from patient samples
    e.g. HAMA (human anti-mouse antibodies), HAAA (human anti-animal antibodies), heterophilic antibodies and rheumatoid factors from patient samples
  2. Interference caused by endogenous components of the sample
    e.g. albumins, complement, lysozyme, fibrinogen, α-1 Antitrypsin, atypically high lipid-, salt- or sugar concentrations as well as atypical viscosities
  3. Interference caused by assay components
    Assay components - like fluorescent or enzymatic labels - can cross-react with substances from the sample or change binding properties of the assay antibodies

In contrast to conventional HAMA blockers, Assay Defender® enables effective elimination of all kinds of interference and helps to prevent false positive or false negative results.


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