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  • New: PlateBlock™ Cat. No. #112

    New: PlateBlock™ Cat. No. #112

    From: £48.36
    PlateBlock™ is an animal-free and protein-free blocker for plastic surfaces (e.g. microtiter plates). This blocker is optimized for use with serological assays with surface-coated antigen.
  • The Blocking Solution Cat. No. #110

    The Blocking Solution Cat. No. #110

    The most effective Blocker from CANDOR contains standardised and stabilised casein fragments as active blockers. Saturates free binding sites on plastic surfaces, membranes or other protein binding surfaces and thereby reducing high background in immunoassays.
  • BSA-Block Cat. No. #115

    BSA-Block Cat. No. #115

    From: £60.75
    BSA-Block is a well established, versatile blocker for many immunoassay applications. High purity of the BSA and the control of the raw materials guarantee good lot-to-lot consistency for this standard blocker based on BSA.
  • SmartBlock™ Cat. No. #113

    SmartBlock™ Cat. No. #113

    From: £48.36
    SmartBlock™ sets standards in the development of economically priced assays with good reliability e.g. for diagnostics, pharmaceutical research, pharmaceutical or biotechnological process control, food diagnostics, environmental diagnostics or research. Protein-free.
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