New: Liquid Plate Sealer® ANIMAL-FREE Cat. No. #163

Ready-to-use; Animal-free coating stabilizer for ELISA plates. Liquid Plate Sealer® ANIMAL-FREE offers the same excellent stabilizing characteristics as Liquid Plate Sealer® but without having animal derived ingredients.This makes Liquid Plate Sealer® animal-free suitable coating stabilizer for veterinary diagnostics.

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Liquid Plate Sealer® ANIMAL-FREE

Coating Stabilizer without animal derived ingredients for antibodies and antigens coated on polystyrene- or glass-surfaces

Liquid Plate Sealer® ANIMAL-FREE offers the same excellent stabilizing characteristics as Liquid Plate Sealer® but without having animal derived ingredients. This makes Liquid Plate Sealer® ANIMAL-FREE suitable coating stabilizer for veterinary diagnostics.

Just add Liquid Plate Sealer® ANIMAL-FREE directly without any washing steps to the plates after the coating process has been completed: simplify and speed up your production process.

Stabilizer for antibody coated ELISA plates

After immobilisation of the antibodies/antigens and blocking, Liquid Plate Sealer® ANIMAL-FREE seals the plates with an uniform stabilizing layer demonstrating good solubility and without affecting the assay afterwards.

It can also be used for stabilising antibodies and antigens after coating on polystyrene- or glass-surfaces for protein arrays. Plates treated with Liquid Plate Sealer® ANIMAL-FREE can be stored for long periods after drying but also for shorter time periods under moist conditions.

Allows long-term storage of coated plates under dry conditions even at room temperature.

Without drying the recommended optimum storage temperature is 2-8°C.

Liquid Plate Sealer® ANIMAL-FREE can be used for stabilizing coated ELISA plates, immmunochromatographic test strips (lateral flow assays), affinity chromatography columns, protein arrays and for similar applications. It is used as a coating stabilizer for ELISA kit production.

Please note that the 1 L size will be packaged in 2x 500 ml bottles.

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