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#163 Liquid Plate Sealer® animal-free

Coating Stabilizer without animal derived ingredients for antibodies and antigens coated on polystyrene- or glass-surfaces

Liquid Plate Sealer® animal-free offers the same excellent stabilizing characteristics as Liquid Plate Sealer® but without having animal derived ingredients.
This makes Liquid Plate Sealer® animal-free suitable coating stabilizer for veterinary diagnostics.

Just add Liquid Plate Sealer® animal-free directly without any washing steps to the plates after the coating process has been completed: simplify and speed up your production process.

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All-in-One Solution for Western blotting from CANDOR Bioscience:
now also available for use with polyclonal antibodies from Rabbit available in the UK from BIOAXXESS.


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Change of ProClin® 300 Concentration in CANDOR Products

Starting 1st of June 2015 the next „level“ of CLP Regulation 1272/2008 for mixtures comes into full effect (Regulation on classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures).

This results in new rules for the classification of potential chemical hazards.

CANDOR Bioscience uses in most solutions the preservative ProClin® 300 which has been used in a concentration of 0.1 % (v/v) to avoid microbial growth.

Starting from 1st June 2015 we produce such solutions with the same preservative in a concentration of 0.045 % (v/v). Therefore no hazard labelling will be necessary for the solutions.

The manufacturer of ProClin® 300 recommends using it in the concentration range of 0.03 % up to 0.05 % (v/v) to prevent microbial growth. Thus we use the preservative still in the upper range of the recommendation of the manufacturer.

As the air-borne load of microbial contaminants differs significantly from laboratory to laboratory, we generally recommend working as cleanly as possible, when opening the bottles for decanting and re-storing the remaining solutions until next use. With clean and proper use there is no risk of microbial growth to be expected even if the guaranteed and stated shelf-life is only valid for an un-opened bottle. If you still fear contamination it may be beneficial to add additional preservatives or antibiotics for a longer shelf-life.